Andriod lineup

What’s new in next lineup of Google OS “ANDRIOD O”


“Developer version of Andriod O is out you can download from link given below”

click here for link.

NOTE-Andriod O is only availiable to install in google offcial devices

The feature we really needed is now live -andriod O allows you to snooze system wide notification. dont’t want to deal with notification for while? just slide a bit and voila notification will be snoozed


TOP of the notification bar has been changed again.The status bar isn’t shown when the notification panel is pull down.At top of the panel you’ll see your WiFi ,cellular,battery  status along with setting gear and expand button

Google has also claimed that Andriod O.Is much more power efficient that’s mean more battery life more play,videogames and music for sure.

In the meantime, there are plenty of new Android O features you should be interested in, such as:

  • A new Settings app that’s been rebuilt from the ground up to offer a better way to manage the phone
  • Autofill APIs that let you quickly fill in saved passwords from passwords manager apps
  • Adaptive icons that should bring a more cohesive look to Android across devices regardless of an OEM’s customizations
  • Wide-gamut color support that will improve graphics on high-end devices
  • Wi-Fi Aware for direct Wi-Fi transfers of content without the need for an Internet connection
  • WebView improvements that should enhance security in apps that offer web browsing features

The following videos from 9to5Google, Android Central, and Droid-Life will show you what Android O looks like right now, and explain how some of the features listed above work.

Hope you like it.Ask any question regarding andriod O in comments.And surely share your views on new andriod. what should’ve done or not.


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